20 + 1 = ?

Hello my lovely lot,

I am officially recognised as an adult across the globe and can now legally in the U.S when I go or if I go, guess I’m planning to do that soon. Soon.

Even though I do have terrible birthdays and really amazingly good birthdays, I guess this is a very good birthday. One, because I got to be fat and lazy all week forgetting about working out, oops. However, two, I got spoilt all week because it’s a special number.

On the actual day (27th January 2016) I lost my weekly bus ticket feeling like a stupid idiot and spent the whole day on my own until 5pm but throughout the whole day I cleaned up, done some university work and watched some good old Russell Howard. When 5pm came along I had a chippy tea, had some chocolate birthday cake with Thornton’s chocolates and got given deep red roses. Which was lovely, I specifically asked my mum and step-dad along with my siblings not to give me any presents or cards until the Sunday (31st January 2016).

Fast forward to the Sunday now, I felt a bit grotty and I guess quite sad as well since 5 people that I really wanted to be there couldn’t come because of this silly storm up in Scotland and another reason for the 1/5th of the group of people which is understandable but that’s a whole different rant altogether. My Mum went out the door first to get some stuff and my step-dad took me along to Church to get my sister and her fabulous friend, shame he’s not the part of my siblings either. So we all went to this all you can eat inidian and Chinese cusine restaurant, and I feel like a failure I only ate two plates while my brother and my best friends boyfriend ate more than three! Jesus! All my loved were there and I had cupcakes with where Disney princesses, and then

Overall, I have another two meals and a weekend away within those too.

Offically 21

I think this 21st year of mine will be awesome Gotham.

Loads of love,




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