For a long time I always wanted to do a health, lifestyle fashion and beauty blog. I guess I was inspired by Sprinkle Of Glitter, Fuller Figure and Fuller bust, and lastly Fashionably Fat Fashion

Now you might see a pattern, these are all plus sized ladies, and this plus sized ladies are amazing. I am too a plus size; and hoping to be just as fashionable as those ladies though I don’t have a good sense of style I have been told many times. I would rather a horrible sense of style than to go out naked, not that brave or not that embarrassed to do so. 

Though as being plus sized and with a horrible taste in fashion, I am also a student an art student too. Meaning most of my money goes to ridiculous pen set that costs more than the shoes on your feet (seriously £35 for a set, ouch) so also being understand money and finance I need to create this lifestyle and fashion blog into a student friendly one. Meaning no ridiculous purchases on a naked palette or no throwing money round on handbags that you really really want that’s a £120, no chance. More in the lines of £12 handbag from eBay and high street make up brands that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

I will also include cheap ways to get things, and how to get your money back on them. How to save up for a dream holiday and how to achieve that curvy figure for it without spending £25.99 on a monthly fee weight club (kind of expensive that for a student). Lastly, I want you all to have fun and enjoy this blog. 

So… This is me. 

So please follow and like, explore my other blogs if you like (Art & LDR). 

See you soon over the moon! 

Lots of love, 



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