12 months

The Countdown to graduation

As a student, you think it will last forever or just don’t think about the end result until your very last year. Well, 2017 is my last year and the last year of my education degree as I know thus far as I don’t know to take a PGCE in the next two years up in Scotland to train as a teacher.

Though this is my last year and it is scary to think about. Though it is, on the other hand, exciting since my adult life is just about to begin and if you know me you’ll know that I like to be organised, too organised at times but hopefully maybe my organisation skills will be using these first steps of going through the last process of being a student.

So this will be a monthly thing because I actually do not know what day I graduate but I know it is 12 months from now because this year my university graduation is in early November time.

Welcome to countdown to graduation. Let’s hope some progress will be done for November.

Loads of Love,



Day 19, 22,23 & 24 – Hetic couple of days

Knew I would screw up sooner or later. Though things have been busy between myself but not only myself but my partner S. its difficult to understand that a couple would not have been on holiday before but for an ldr couple it always seem like a holiday for me.

Though for the first time since being together, we are actually going on holiday though I cant tell you where because I have promised his mother not to put anything up online photo wise but I think shes meaning the actual house and not the beaches though just in case I wont show anything because I would actually hate being in trouble. S Mum has kindly given us the keys for her home up in one of the isle of Scotland where the beaches are meant to be utterly stunning.

So we are just prepping now to go away, and I have already done… not so much him.

So that’s where I will be for the next couple of days I suppose. So everything after today will be scheduled thank you for your patience and I’ll see you all in September.

Day 21- Dream Wedding Day

Like some women, I have dreamed about my wedding day when I was 5, when I helped my mother plan her own wedding to my father. The both exchanged their vows in my great granddad tom’s church and had their reception in a small pub just a little under the mile from the church. A small wedding just with close friends and family. It was the same with both of their second marriages though mum’s second wedding.

I personally think when it comes to weddings it should reflect on you and your partner. On their likes, loves and what they enjoy.

I always knew that for the reception I would be in a marquee with a buffet meal, with a load of laughter and joy. I forgot to mention a baking competition as well.

Whereas the ceremony I don’t know other than the main flowers of my bouquet with peonies or ranunculus depending on season, if I had to pick a season to get married it’ll be in late spring/early summer or late summer/ early autumn as I don’t want to sweat. Once upon a time ago I wanted to get married in a church but more specifically my granddad’s Tom’s church but now that’s sold I don’t think I want to get married in a church but it’s something I need to talk to my future fiancé about.

The colours I’m stuck on between pink, grey and gold, pastel coloured theme or gold and white since that was my mother’s theme to my dad that I really like to this day.  Besides gold will suit everyone too.

I guess I must wait till I have on a ring on my finger to tell you all the details.

Day 20 – Dream Career

Unsure if you were around for my previous blog posts but once upon a time ago (more like a year ago,) I have done what I want to do after university career wise but plans change and your career path will change.

I am at university studying graphic design and multimedia and within that, you could work in a studio, freelance or like me wanting to go into a company either as a graphic designer in publication and publishing, a graphic designer itself or maybe within marketing and advertising. As a graphic designer, you are communicating what the company or client wants you too.

Though as a career, I would like to work for a wedding, baby, stationary industry or something that I have not yet discovered.

Though my absolute dream is to work for a wedding magazine and have a stationary brand with my own name which is an amazing thought to think of because I would like a career that has routine, stability and lastly a career that will let me peruse my personal dreams though I cannot do my personal dreams without a career.

Day 17 – The 5p’s

I want to teach you what my step mum has taught me, and I have taken this advice to heart. The term of the 5p’s came from Jack the Lad which is 6p’s and contain swearwords but I like the 5ps because there’s no swearwords involved. I don’t particularly like swearing but I have a potty mouth like a sailor.

The 5ps are: Perfect, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Performance.

Which I am taking to heart to learning to plan when it comes to blogging, meals and most importantly university work.

With doing my university work for the summer I don’t want to go back in the autumn already behind and feeling behind. Whereas taking that advice to heart I am already of halfway through my dissertation, created my brief and already started some of my briefs.

Also started work experience so when I leave university I have work experience ready for either going in a company or a cooperation as either a graphic designer or in marketing (subcategory  time, in either branding, advertising or communication).

So I give the values of the 5ps onto you

Day 16 – My personal goals

Everyone has thoughts personal goals that everyone wants to reach too some maybe a long way to achieve those goals and others might be easier. So these are my personal goals set in place they may carry on till the new year or stopped when completed.

  1. To do my practical driving test and pass plus

I will be passing my practical before the years out that is my challenge for this year for the rest of 2017.

  1. To lose weight

I bragged on about this more than enough times including future posts in November.

  1. To get a 2:1 in my university degree

University is coming towards the end and I will be graduating next year (autumn 2018) which is exciting but I am not spending all that money to get a grade under 2:2 so this year I will be working towards a 2:1 and higher.

  1. To be the best art society vice president

I’m a Vice President for the Art Society for my university which is beyond amazing but I plan to be more than amazing.

  1. To be more confident in the kitchen

I’m a bad chef when it comes to the kitchen. I can bake, I can cook but I am not confident and I do take things literally for example “fill the kettle to the top” I filled it to the top instead of to the max line. Oops.

Day 15 – Dream Guy

When I was old enough, I asked if I could have a man who is just like prince Eric from the Disney’s little mermaid who is (determined, mature, selfless, romantic, fun-loving, polite, kind and dreamy) along with Prince Adam’s personality as well (trustworthy, protective, daring and gentle) to then added qualities from that original thought. When I gotten into my adolescent stages I wanted someone who does not mind watching anime, he needed to be geeky and play video games with me, who takes the mickey out of me after creating a fail in the kitchen and not be angry. Though most importantly he needed to be swift as the coursing river, with all the strength of the raging fire…

Though most importantly he needed to be swift as the coursing river, with all the strength of the raging fire… Nah, you’re just reading Make a Man Out of You there from Mulan but in all seriousness, he needed to love Harry Potter and Disney as much as I do.

He needed to have a very adult side to him but to balance it out he needed to have a geeky/childlike side to him as well.  Oh! He also needed to love cuddles and kisses because I am that girl that is very affectionate towards people especially if they are my partner.

Writing this, I think I found him, that dream guy, that I prayed about and that I wanted. The only downside is that he’s up North and I’m down south but that won’t be for long.

Day 14 – My WishList

Now, I have expensive taste but I know I cannot touch the expensive stuff but if money was not an option and I had an unlimited money for a day this what I would purchase altogether.

  1. 15 inch 2016 MacBook
  2. A Graceship handbag – Hong Kong
  3. A yellow Vaxhall Corsa (the reason why yellow because I want to see the kids hit each other driving past them, ya know yellow punch)
  4. A five-bedroom house with an attic, basement, and a garden. The basement so I can kick my partner in there with his office and set up, including Warhammer bits. Then the garden for me personally because I love to garden, and I want a shed so it can be my studio.
  5. Other houses so I can decorate and rent out to also build a house portfolio.
  6. Unlimited life supply of ice cream, cookie mixes, and chocolate because they’re important.

Then I am sorted! Hahaha!

Day 13 – 5 years back

5 years ago, I would have been 18.

That’s scary to think that I would have quit my florist job at this point as a junior florist and in college again to study art and design for higher education to go into university the following year.

I had a dream to study illustration and graphic design because in truth they collide with each other well. Also since most illustrators go into graphic design anyway.  I wanted to study at Liverpool John Moores, Hertfordshire University and UCLAN.

Now thinking of these universities I don’t think I would be happy at these universities since they’re all too noisy and too busy though more on that soon enough but Hertfordshire would have been for my ex which is very weird to think of being there now that we have spilt and gone our separate ways hence I think that was why I was scared of remain up in Glasgow with my current partner for a little over 2 years now just if we break up.

Plus the hunger games catching fire came about which is one of my favourite book series. Then I would have gotten my provisional driving which is soon to be pink by the end this year I hope since I did my theory at the beginning of the year.

Day 12 – My Day in Bullets

If your nosy like me I love to see everyone’s day, especially vlogs or Instastory’s/snapchats because I am just that nosey and I like to know what’s going on really but in this point of view I’ll be doing it from a Saturday at my partner’s house which is actually currently where I am at this very moment when your reading this. Just coming more towards nightfall, so I did this whilst I took a mental note on what I am doing.

  • Wake up 8am
  • Cuddles and kisses with said partner
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Clean the flat up a bit
  • Go for a walk
  • Whilst on a walk see his mammy
  • Go back to the flat
  • Make lunch to then eat lunch
  • Rotate washing on the maiden
  • Iron a couple of mine and his clothing
  • Do a little of university work ready for autumn
  • Plan bits for Isle of Uist
  • Make dinner
  • Watch a movies/TV Series
  • Get ready for bed
  • Bedtime

I am basic but that’s the only thing that I can think of to highlight in this blog post.

Till next time!